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ohelp - shows all the bots commands.
/ban <@user> [reason] - Bans a member from the server.
/mute <@user> - Mutes a user in the server.
/unmute <@user> - Unmutes a user in the server.
/warn <@user> - Warns a user.
/warnings <@user> - Displays all the past warnings of a user.
/clearwarnings <@user> - Clears all the warnings of a user.
/report <@user> - Reports a user.
/suggest [suggestion] - Logs a suggestion to the server.
/invite - Generates the invite link for the bot.
/kick <@user> - Kicks a user from the server.
/say [message] - Broadcasts a message in the channel.
/addrole <@user> [role] - Adds a role to a User.
/removerole <@user> [role] - Removes a role from a User.
/softban <@user> [reason] - Soft bans a user from the server.
/purge <# of messages> - Deletes a number of messages in a channel.
/ping - Gets the ping of the server and bot.

ostart [channel] [time] [winners] [name] - Creates a giveaway
oend [message-id] - Ends a giveaway.
oreroll [message-id] - Rolls a giveaway to determine a new winner.

orank [ping-member] - Responds with the level of the mentioned member.
oleaderboard - Responds with the leaderboard of the server you are in.

/color - Create a full color role embed by just using this command! Really useful for setting up your server! (under maintenence atm!)
/fight - knock 'em senseless
/2plus2equals - What does it equal dum dum?

okiso - Yup, That's my name.
oinsult - Gives you elite insults to use against enemies.
o8ball - Helps You make important decisions.
ocreator - Tells a bit about the creator of this bot.
ocringe - Gives you very cringe things to say.
oflip - Flip a coin!
ojoke - Top-notch jokes.
odisable - Removes me from your server.
owo - ???
olenny - Lenny.
osite - Responds with the Okiso's site!
oinvite - Responds with invite link.
osupport-server - Responds with discord support server invite.
ochannel - What channel are you in? You are too lazyyy.
omultiply [arguement1,arguement2] - multiply becuase you can't do mental math.

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